Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Performance Tuning for Stored Procedures

For best performance, all objects that are called within the same stored procedure should all be owned by the same object owner or schema, preferably dbo, and should also be referred to in the format of object_owner.object_name or schema_owner.object_name.

If the object owner's or schemas are not specified for objects, then SQL Server must perform name resolution on the objects, which causes a small performance hit.

And if objects referred to in the stored procedure have different owners or schemas, SQL Server must check object permissions before it can access any object in the database, which adds unnecessary overhead. Ideally, the owner or schema of the stored procedure should own all of the objects referred to in the stored procedure.

In addition, SQL Server cannot reuse a stored procedure "in-memory plan" over if the object owner or schema is not used consistently. If a stored procedure is sometime referred to with its object owner's or schema name, and sometimes it is not, then SQL Server must re-execute the stored procedure, which also hinders performance. [7.0, 2000, 2005]

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