Thursday, November 13, 2008

Reducing SQL Server Deadlocks

When a deadlock occurs, by default, SQL Server choose a deadlock "victim" by identifying which of the two processes will use the least amount of resources to rollback, and then returns error message 1205.

But what if you don't like default behavior? Can you change it? Yes, you can, by using the following command:



Low tells SQL Server that the current session should be the preferred deadlock victim, not the session that incurs the least amount of rollback resources. The standard deadlock error message 1205 is returned.

Normal tells SQL Server to use the default deadlock method.

@deadlock_var is a character variable specifying which deadlock method you want to use. Specify "3" for low, or "6" for normal.

This command is set a runtime for a specified user connection. [2000]

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